Added Green Emporium

We have just added Nottingham’s Green Emporium to Best Eco Shops.

It is an independent shop in Sherwood, Nottingham selling a mindfully curated range of sustainable / eco-friendly / natural products for body, well-being, home & leisure.

An important ethical aspect of their business is to always try to treat both customers and suppliers in the way that we would like to be treated ourselves.

They purchase all stock either directly from the brands or from established, reputable, approved wholesalers.

They only sell products on this website that we believe in although not everything we sell ticks every ‘green’ box.

When deciding what to sell, the emphasis is on providing a range that is designed to help us find new ways to be green and limit the impact of our shopping; working towards achieving a greener lifestyle; following the principles of ethical sourcing; where possible using Certified Organic and / or Fair Trade ingredients and replacing synthetically produced and petro-chemical based raw materials with sustainable / plant-based ingredients or recycled materials.

They will always try to avoid the following ingredients:

  • No Petro-chemical and petro-chemical derivatives, particularly in body care products
  • No SLS and SLES in body care products
  • No Aluminium in deodorants
  • No Parabens as preservatives
  • No Products or ingredients tested on animals
  • No animal fats or animal ingredients (except a few beeswax or milk ingredients)

Every ingredient has a potential environmental impact but where ingredients are particularly controversial – for example palm oil and bamboo are both crops that have been discovered being farmed on land that has been cleared from rainforest – we will try to use suppliers and brands that source their ingredients ethically and sustainably (preferably Organic) that are produced from established plantations, not on land cleared from rainforest.

See their directory listing here: Green Emporium Nottingham

Dinesh Fernando

Log suffering green advocate. Interested in how individuals can make a difference with their choices.