Dash Vegan Nottingham

Gluten free Vegan ambient food. Vegan dog and cat food. Eco homewares. Zero waste scoop shop. Run by long term vegan, Not for profits supporting The Karass.

We are a vegan food delivery service providing great quality and wholesome vegan and gluten free food in Nottingham and the surrounding area through VDelivery and throughout the UK on this site.

All our food, wherever possible, is organic and fairtrade. We provide many different well known, top-quality brands of vegan and gluten free food, delivered in partnership with VDelivery in Nottingham and the surrounding area and via our trusted courier partners for nationwide delivery.

Our mission is to make tasty and wholesome vegan and gluten free food available to everyone. Whether you like snacks, are looking for meal packs or have a vegan dog, we have custom-made hampers for all your needs!

Vegan food delivery service. Run by a passionate long term (16 years) vegan raising 3 vegan kids and 2 vegan dogs.

See the directory listing here: https://www.bestecoshops.com/places/dash-vegan-nottingham/

Dinesh Fernando

Log suffering green advocate. Interested in how individuals can make a difference with their choices.