ECOmamma – blog and online shop

This is what she says inspired her to create the blog:

ECOmamma is a blog and online shop at billed as the musings of a wannabe suburban eco mum.

Last year, when I found out I was pregnant, I started to think more seriously about the impact I had on the world around me. Good and Bad. Like most of the nation I was extremely shocked by what I saw on Blue Planet Two and I wondered how so much plastic was ending up in the ocean when I knew that I, and the people around me, weren’t dumping our waste in to the sea. I had always thought how great it would be to not be so reliant on supermarkets, to have less chemicals in the house, less plastic packaging, and to be more self sufficient and now more than ever I wanted to improve the state of the world for my unborn child so i thought…right I’m doing this…I’m going plastic free…
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The blog has updates on her various ideas about living a plastic free life.

Dinesh Fernando

Log suffering green advocate. Interested in how individuals can make a difference with their choices.