Daily Bread Cooperative Northampton

Daily Bread is on the Bedford Road in Northampton and has refill stations where you can stock up on sustainable cleaning products.

Whilst the rest of the products in the store are not zero-waste, they are all ethically sourced and there are some plastic-free alternatives to everyday items, such as bamboo straws and reusable coffee cups.

Daily Bread is a wholefood shop in Northampton that has been trading since 1980. They are a workers cooperative and our name comes from the Lord’s Prayer. They are an ethically based business valuing people over maximizing profit.

They stock a huge range of cereals, fried fruit and nuts, granola’s and muesli, as well as a large range of gluten free produce. Many of our products are organic, Fairtrade or both.

We are not a bakery, though we do stock bread, flapjacks and slices, some of which are cooked on the premises.
We have a successful online shop at dailybread.co.uk

Located in Northampton we are open
Monday – Friday 8.30am – 5.30pm
Saturday 8.30am – 5.00pm

We are closed 26th August
Bank Holiday Monday.
Open as normal on all other days.

Address: Daily Bread Co-operative Ltd, The Old Laundry, Bedford Road, Northampton. NN4 7AD

See the directory listing here: https://www.bestecoshops.com/places/daily-bread-cooperative-northampton/

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