Recent Oxford eco shops

Here are some of the latest eco shops added in the historic city of Oxford.

Wild Honey Organic Health Stores – two locations in Oxford.

Headington Fairtrade co-operative Oxford – Headington Fairtrade co-operative offers a wide range of beautiful Fairtrade gifts, food and household items. Your local gift shop in Headington. Headington Fairtrade is run as a community co-operative gift shop specialising in fairly traded products from all over the world. They are passionate about the importance of fairly traded products and ethical ways of protecting this beautiful blue planet…

Fairtrade at St Michaels Oxford – Fairtrade at St Michaels was the first shop in Oxford dedicated to offering a wide range of fairly traded goods. It was set up at a time when Fairtrade was still something of a fringe activity, heavily reliant on Sunday stalls in churches and cardboard boxes in spare bedrooms. From this background, a group of six people came together with…

Indigo Natural Living Oxford – You’ll find a range of clothing, gifts and home furnishings, characterised by their uniqueness, beauty and innovation. We especially like things made from natural, recycled and organic materials. Products are chosen because we feel they’re part of the solution rather than the problem, and we hope they’ll enhance your life in some way. We support sustainable business, where everyone along…


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