Ethical pets – The pet shop that’s all sorts of ethical!

Ethical Pets sell all sorts of products for the Eco-conscious pet owner. Everything they sell has been kindly and thoughtfully made: eco-friendly, fairly traded, Organic, recycled, non-toxic, vegan, biodegradable… lost of positive choices to help make a better world. They are geeky about the details: we stock only the most ethical items in each category, which can be verified by looking at reports by ethical consumer, for example.

They provide safe, wholesome and healthy products that your pets and you will love. They aim to be a complete pet shop supplying food, toys, treats and other useful things for your wonderful animal friends: all of which are ethical!

They have an extensive ethical policy: Ethical Pets ethical policy

Visit the website to view their full range of products: Ethical pets online pet shop

Dinesh Fernando

Log suffering green advocate. Interested in how individuals can make a difference with their choices.