Plastic free tea bags from teapigs

It may come as news to some but most teabags on sale in the UK contain plastic for heat resistance.Loose leaf tea infuser

This issue has been described in detail here:

Is there plastic in our tea and packaging?

Is there plastic in your tea

Tea bags and the hidden plastic pollution

We think the most eco -friendly option is to use loose leaf tea. You can get infusers that fit single cups or tea pots and are just as convenient as tea bags from ECO Arcade: Stainless steel loose leaf tea infuser

Teapigs also produce plastic free tea bags. They call the tea temples!

Their tea temples have NEVER contained plastic. The temples and the string attached are made from cornstarch, a natural carbohydrate extracted from corn. The label on the end of the string is made from simple, old-fashioned paper. Even the ink on the label is vegetable-based, and everything is sealed with heat – so no glue! As a result, our tea temples are fully biodegradable.

What should I do with them?

Whilst they are fully biodegradable, this does differ from being compostable. Although they will eventually break down in compost, it would take a pretty long time and result in tea temples strewn across your flowerbeds (and no one wants that). So instead, pop them in with your food waste. Most councils have industrial food waste systems designed to allow the necessary micro-organisms needed to break down biodegradable materials, to thrive.

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