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GREENSHOP in Stroud is a group of companies that have been providing sustainable and low impact goods for over 20 years and can proudly lay claim to being the largest supplier of natural paints in the UK.

The group of companies includes the the following:

  • ECOLOUR – high quality natural paint finishes
  • HOLBROOK GARAGE – Holbrook Garage – vehicle servicing, MOT, car sales, petrol & diesel fuels
  • GREENSHOP – Greenshop Eco store – online and retail
  • RAINHARVESTING SYSTEMS – Rainharvesting Systems – longest established rainwater harvesting company in the UK
  • Greenshop Solar – Solar PV, Solar Thermal, Thermal Stores, Wood Burning Stoves, Biomass Boilers, Wind Turbines and Heat Pumps

Products include the following:

  • NATURAL PAINT – With over 20 years of sales, Greenshop offers the widest selection of natural and eco paints available in the UK.
  • CLEANING PRODUCTS – Make a positive choice for yourself and the environment by choosing cleaning products that are both natural and biodegradable.
  • BODYCARE – Our Greenshop natural body care range has been carefully chosen because it is both gentle on your body and kind to the planet.
  • HOME & GARDEN – Your house is your most immediate environment. It’s worthwhile taking extra care when seeking out green alternatives to make it a happy eco home!
  • BOOKS – Inspiration and information for all ages, from eco building and architecture, energy and gardening to arts and crafts.

Holbrook Garage, Calf Way,
Bisley, Gloucestershire, GL6 7BX

Phone: 01452 770629


Get directions and information here: GREENSHOP Stroud

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